Sunday, August 15, 2010

Review of Chicken Keeping Secrets

It started with a New Year’s resolution to be healthier, and progressed from there. My husband and I began researching the different kinds of organic foods we could eat, and found out just how dangerous store-purchased foods can be. Vegetables are laced with pesticides and meat is injected full of hormones. Soon we realized this wasn’t just a resolution, but a necessary change. The health of our children and ourselves were suddenly a priority.

That’s how we decided we were going to start raising chickens. I had no idea how old eggs were when you purchased them from the grocery store. I didn’t know that chicken had a ton of hormones injected for growth – and I didn’t know how these things could affect our health. Another very important thing I didn’t know was how to raise chickens. Still, determined, we set about researching to learn how to raise our own chickens. Soon, we found a website called ‘Chicken Keeping Secrets.’

We first started reading the information available on the website and learned a ton of stuff there. Deciding that anyone who was willing to give away so much information for free must have a goldmine of information in their actual product, we decided to go ahead and invest in the product. We were absolutely thrilled with the amount of information we received from ‘Chicken Keeping Secrets.’ We learned everything about how to keep chickens – from what to feed them to the kind of chicken coops we needed.

I had no idea that even the stuff you put on the ground for the chickens needed to be special to keep the chickens healthy and safe. We learned all of this from ‘Chicken Keeping Secrets.’ We literally referred to it as often as we refer to the bible in the first few months of owning chickens. I’m happy to say that it paid off. We have very happy, healthy chickens who provide us with all-natural, organic eggs every morning. (They taste incredible – have you ever had fresh eggs?) In addition, we do cook one of our chickens every once in a while and can be sure that the meat is absolutely hormone-free, and completely safe for our family to consume. I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to skip the hormone-laden chickens and eggs at the supermarket. It’s a wonderful product and costs next to nothing.

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