Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Build a Chicken Coop Inexpensively

The idea of building your own chicken coop is interesting and exciting because you can take this opportunity to unleash your creative instincts and at the same time can enjoy building a home for your chicken. Constructing DIY chicken coop is relatively easy and you can definitely save a considerable amount of money by building the chicken house by yourself. Mobile chicken coops which are available in stores are quite expensive and you can build the same structure all by yourself with only one-fifth of the price which you will spend on buying the chicken house.

You should first have a rough plan on your mind as to how your chicken coop should look like. The rough plan should be based on the size of your chicken coop, its possible shape and the number of chicken which it can accommodate. After you have a rough outline in your mind, replicate the same on paper which you will be able to see and then can modify according to your creativity or any modifications which needs to be implied for the sustainability of the model. Once you have drawn the final draft and are happy with the structure, then the next step would be to estimate the raw materials which you have and the materials which you need to procure. Remains of an old shed can be very well used in the construction of your chicken coop and scrap plywood and lumber are the right materials which can be reused for this purpose. The other materials which you need to buy should be estimated for their price and only the required amount should be bought so as to control the expenditure.

The inside space for the coop is the next priority and depending on the number of chicken you have or intend to have, the internal coop space should be decided. Usually, an average hen requires 6 to 10 inches of roosting space. A door is a must which should be wide as well as then it makes cleaning of the coop easier. Also, protection to the coop with the means of wire netting is a dire requirement which helps to protect the hens from predatory animals. The roof should be water-proof and the hens need to be kept dry and clean as this will keep them disease-free all the time. Automatic means of watering and feeding are the other key points which should be taken care of as this will reduce manual intervention.

Inexpensive means of chicken coop construction is very well possible and by various home-made materials, a beautiful chicken coop can be constructed by your very hands.
Photo:Carlos Porto

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