Thursday, June 24, 2010

Where to Find Great Chicken Coop Designs?

The first thought which crosses your mind when you decide to get some chicken for your house is how do you shelter these birds? Chicken can be easily brought but the only difficult thing would be to create the right shelter for them which will protect your pets all the year round. In case, you live in a fenced house, then you can let your chicken in your courtyard, but if you have limited space, you need to keep your chicken in their house and at the same time, care should be taken that they have enough space to move about in their little house. Chicken coop is a dire necessity in all those house-holds who rear pets.

Some people do spend a fortune on buying or constructing the right chicken coop which goes great with their house. However, many of the people would like to create their own chicken coop which allows people to use their creativity and saves a considerable amount of money. On an average, a person uses approximately $300 to construct a chicken coop, but by managing your expenses and digging a little deeper on the subject, you can build your chicken coop in a much economical way.

When you want to create your own chicken coop, you must definitely gather knowledge about various key facts such as raw materials, chicken water containers, chicken feeders, nest boxes, chicken roosts, etc. which are the prime requisites for the building of a chicken coop. Designing your own chicken coop depends on your needs, your creativity and the number of chicken you have. While designing your chicken coop, always keep in mind the following facts:

1)    Chicken Coop Materials: All kinds of scrap materials such as scrap lumber, gallon barrels, PVC pipes, tarps, etc. can be used for construction. The most commonly used raw material is wood and you can build the coop with old wood which is available at your house.

2)    Chicken nest boxes: Standardized hen nest boxes are usually around 15-inch by height and 15-inch in width, but they can vary according to your requirement.

3)    Doors and Ceilings: Make sure that the chicken house is easily accessible to you too, so it should be almost of your height. Wide-open doors are a major requirement as then it becomes easy to clean. Adequate ventilation is a must which can be provided by the inclusion of windows. Make sure the roof is water-proof and automatic watering and feeding will definitely help you in the long run.

Once you decide on the basic aspects of a chicken coop, you can modify the design according to your creativity and requirements.

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