Thursday, June 24, 2010

What is a Movable Chicken Coop and How to Find One

If you possess a yard with a lot of grass or other comparable stuff growing inside it, you could benefit from keeping your chickens in a portable chicken coop. They are exactly what they sound like: usual houses for birds, only portable. This will help to keep the grass from being overgrown through your whole plot of land, due to chickens eating any greens as part of their diets. By building their coop, and its attached run, movable, you could easily utilize them to keep your entire garden trimmed.

An additional excellent benefit of utilizing movable chicken coops is that it could aid in keeping your expenses on chicken feed lower. Since greens are a normal aspect of the birds' diet, you will not need to purchase as many pre-mixed foods for them at the store. Instead, you could supplement a grain diet with the grasses which a portable chicken run could let the chickens eat from the garden's normal growth.

It is obvious that these types of coops are extremely lightweight, that makes them simpler to carry around. Additionally, they are etremely easier to construct. An extra benefit is that they are very cheap to design - you could simply get all the materials you require for under $100.

But, they do have a couple of drawbacks which could or could not be an issue for you. Typically, movable chicken coops are tiny, which means you could comfortably only keep a couple of hens. But, they are ideal if you wish to possess exactly enough organic eggs for your family and you.

In certain parts of the country, a portable coop can only be practical within the warmer seasons.  Temperatures in the teens and winter storms could make it miserable for the birds year round. The idea is to build a coop that is light enough to be rolled by 1 adult, but heavy enough to be still in summer storms and heavy winds.  Movable coops can serve as a year round enclosure if you are in the south or in a region where snow is not an issue.  Just keep in mind to reduce the number of poultry so they aren't crowded.

Where could you discover the ideal free portable chicken coops? The simplest way is to seek them out online. You will discover a couple of basic designs, yet almost every one of them don't have any pictures and step-by-step directions - which would make it a disaster to construct the coop, unless you have a lot of experience with woodworking. Purchase a popular guide which can show you each thing you must understand, as well as giving you step-by-step illustrations and directions.

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