Thursday, June 24, 2010

How to Design Chicken Coop Plan

Like human beings, chicken also need shelter and a cover over their heads so as to stay away from rains. A wet hen is not a good sign especially since it may propagate several diseases to its fellow mates. Large numbers of people engage in rearing hens at home and in order to do so you should definitely have a chicken coop. Chicken like any other animals like to stay in closed comfortable shelters which protect them from drastic climatic conditions and at the same time provides a warm shelter to rest. Chicken coop is a must in case you have hens at home.

The best part about chicken coop is that they are not hard to design and can be constructed by anyone with just the basic knowledge and simple raw materials which we get in our home. When you start with the idea of building a chicken coop for your house, you need to look into all the fine details that go into the construction work. You cannot start the construction by having a rough plan in your mind as you need to literally draw the plan on paper and rule out any possibilities which you have forgotten to think of. Certain key elements which need to be considered while building your chicken coop are:

1)    Automatic watering: Your chicken should have access to fresh water and the holding capacity of the same should not be less than a gallon.
2)    Automatic Food dispenser: This way you can easily provide food to the chicken in definite portions. Hanging feeders are the best ones as they are less messy and then you also have the liberty to leave your home for a weekend or so and do not have to worry about feeding your pets.
3)    Electricity: Providing electricity to your chicken coop is very important as this way you can have your chicken breeding throughout the year.
4)    Storage of chicken feed: Food storage is very important and storing it in tight metal cans inside of your chicken house is a good option.
5)    Safety: It is important that you save your hens from predatory birds and in order to do so, the chicken coop should be completely covered with wire netting.
6)    Straw: Make sure that you store a bale of straw close to the chicken house which will help you to put the same in the nesting boxes easily.

Always make sure that the chicken coop is of a decent height so that you can walk into it easily and at the same time, provide enough space for your chicken so that they are comfortable inside their home.
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